Frequently Asked Questions

and convenient answers

Signing Up:

  • Is there a contract (term of service)?
    • No, no contracts. Service packages are offered Month-to-Month.
  • Is there a cancellation fee?
    • No.
    • If internet service is transferred to a new customer using the existing HTD equipment (ONT and router), there will be a $200 transfer fee.
    • If internet service is transferred to a new customer and new HTD equipment (ONT and router) is required, there will be a $300 transfer fee.
    • In all cases, the fiber cable to the home must be intact and in useable condition.
  • Is there an installation fee?
    • Yes, a one time, non-refundable fee of $900 to be paid prior to installation.  Please note that there is an option to spread the installation fee over a 10-month period at $100 per month.  This option includes a service charge of $100 and the customer must sign a 1-year service agreement. 
  • What is included in the installation fee?
    • Equipment including an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and a residential gateway (RG) with high-speed wireless capability and four 1 gigabyte ethernet ports will be provided.  Fiber to the home (FTTH) will be routed into the crawl space or into an outside wall box and connected to the ONT.  Cable terminations for connections required between the ONT and RG and one phone line (where applicable) will be provided using existing home cabling.  Additional wiring runs and cable terminations can be provided at additional cost.  Please contact Hi-Tech Data Support for further information.
  • Can I purchase and/or use my own equipment?
    • The ONT (fiber optics equivalent to a modem) will be supplied by HTD and this is not optional. 802.11AC wireless routing equipment will also be supplied, but customers may purchase their own routing equipment if desired.  It is highly recommended that the customer use the HTD routing equipment as it is kept up to date with the latest firmware through a remote access feature.  This feature is an important addition to HTD’s included services to keep hardware performing at its best.


  • Should I contact HTD prior to building my new home?
    • It is advantageous for prospective homeowners to plan ahead for their internet needs.  The best time to do this is at the beginning phases of new home construction.  The planning process should be done with the homeowner and/or builder and results in a more efficient and orderly internet installation.   Issues such as pre-wiring, power availability, placement of conduits for entry points of fiber optic cable into the home and conditioned space for internet hardware will be addressed.  This service is available thru HTD for a fee of $100.  The fee is non-refundable and will be applied toward the $900 installation fee when the internet is installed. 
  • How long is the wait time for installation?
    • Installation varies by location; however, once approved, installation is typically within 2 weeks unless otherwise stated by your sales representative.
  • What can I expect during the install?
    • Installation consists of direct buried fiber optic drop cable being run from a designated handhole along the right of way near the customer’s home directly to the customer’s premises. Installers will use care to choose a sensible path for the drop cable, avoiding properly buried electrical and water lines. Once to the house, the cable may be installed on the first floor of the home in a suitable location . This may be accomplished by entering the crawl space or through an exterior wall.
  • Does someone need to be at the home during the install?
    • It is best if the customer is at home during the installation. If this is not possible, the customer will need to give clear directions for desired location of the equipment as well as means for the installer to enter the home.
  • Do I need to contact the electric diggers hotline to avoid major safety concerns?
    • Not unless you are doing the work yourself. All will be handled by us.
  • How deep is the fiber?
    • The goal is to bury the fiber 12” below the surface.  However, due to varying ground conditions the fiber may be closer to the surface than 12”.
  • What is done to understand the location of the water line?
    • We know where the main water lines are as we’ve consulted with Jasper Highlands construction team and the homeowner can provide the location of their water line. All water lines should be buried 24” which is deeper than the 12” for the fiber.
  • In what part of the yard will the digging be done?
    • The most sensible path to the house. There is no set route as it can vary by location.
  • What repairs are being made to the lawn and yard?
    • We use a plow on the back of a tractor which buries and covers the fiber cable as it is being installed.  This results in minimal damage to the yard/lawn.  A small amount of seed may be distributed over any areas that are disturbed.
  • Is someone coming back to fill in the sink holes?
    • At 12” there shouldn’t be many sinkholes but if it does occur it will be addressed.

General Service:

  • What happens when the power goes out at my home?
    • The service will work if your power goes out and you should not notice a service interruption as long as you are plugged into a backup power source in your home.  This can be a backup generator for extended power or an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for short-term power.  If interested in a UPS, please contact HTD for more information.
  • What happens when the power goes out at the central office?
    • We have our own battery plant on the mountain in the data center that provides backup power for our Internet service.  The service will work if your power goes out and you should not notice a service interruption as long as you have a backup power source for equipment at your premises.
  • How do I know the network is secure?
    • A Cisco Next Generation Firewall is installed in the data center.
  • Is Anti virus offered?
    • There are two links on the Hi-TechData website for free anti-virus software with a basic feature set.  The software is published by reputable companies who offer more extensive packages for those who may need additional features.  Please see the following links to learn more:

  • Do I get an email address with my internet service?
    • Your Internet Service comes with one (1) email address.  Additional addresses may be purchased for an additional monthly fee of $5 each.
  • Does the phone service include unlimited long distance?
    • Yes.

Technical Support:

  • What level of customer support or technical support do you offer?
    • Starting in March, 2017 HTD moved their customer service/support from a Huntsville-based support company to Mills Solutions, LLC in Jasper Highlands.  The company is owned and operated by Jeffery Mills, BSEE who is also a resident of Jasper Highlands.  His background in Electronics Engineering along with his keen interest in internet technology allows him to share his knowledge with the residents of Jasper Highlands to maximize their internet experience.  Primary internet support is provided to HTD’s customers through telephone availability operated from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, with further after-hours support via electronic messaging systems.  You can contact HTD for live support during normal business hours by calling 423.939.3026 or after hours by sending an email to
  • Do all packages receive the same support and priority?
    • Yes, all offerings by Hi-Tech Data are covered by the same support policy.